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must-see .:.~>RuL3s<~.:.

Post by .:.[F].u.U.[K].Y.0.:. on Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:54 pm

1-.if u r girl, just post ur pics in hr...but if u r boys....post in box boys.
2-just post ur own pics, to make ppl know who r u...dun post somebody else pics...
3-ur posted must can see, if ur link die or can't see...we must lock or delete ur topic..If u guys wanna edit sthing...pm me...or webmaster..we can fix it for u guys..
4-when u post a comment for another ppl, plz dun use bad world...or anything impolite...:D:Dif some ppl post a comment with impolite , use bad world, do not respect another ppl, we must use the Disciplinary measures with u..:D:D so plz, be careful when u use language

5- plz...use english..:D:D:
6- dun be shy, just post ur pics, toomake friends and know each other
love ...~>hope u guys will have fun in AiSS forum..:D:D..<~... love

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must-see Re: .:.~>RuL3s<~.:.

Post by Fishy on Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:05 pm

follow the rules plz.
any further questions just reply.
don't spam here plz.
happy 5

p.s: thankz so much fuu 4 the rules. sexy

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must-see Re: .:.~>RuL3s<~.:.

Post by K3v1n on Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:06 pm

Already sticky. Topic closed.

P/S: @Fishy why don't you thanks me? look


Read this.....before....poting....>>>>>http://aiss.forum8.biz/Rules-f1/Quy-Aanh-chung-caa-dian-AAn-THE-GENERAL-RULES-OF-4R-t8.htm

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must-see Re: .:.~>RuL3s<~.:.

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